I would be delighted if you would join me in the Kitchen Garden here at Glenmore House - a working garden full of constant activity, where change occurs daily through all the phases of growth and yield, beauty, abundance and expiration.

There is much to learn - whichever month, whatever season. The art of Kitchen Gardening is to be found in spontaneity, as well as practicality and in following these podcast episodes, you will grasp the beating heart of the Kitchen Garden, the full circle of vegetable gardening and glean a true understanding of absolute seasonality.

Podcast episodes encompass the tasks relevant to the moment - from the care and nurture of all veg during their growing season (using organic principles of course), to the upheaval of crop rotation, staking and support structures, soil, compost, watering, tonics and seed collecting. And along the way, you will glean insights to the aesthetic and design of the Kitchen Garden here, and how you may apply these principles to your own.

While the introduction episode describes the Glenmore House Kitchen Garden layout in detail (so that you can glean a good understanding of the principles that underpin my approach), the following monthly episodes see me treading the same paths…so you can imagine you’re walking through the garden with me, noting the recent growth and sharing in either the sensory delight or inevitable torment! There is also a highlight or two to wrap up each episode of some treasured moment in the ornamental garden perhaps….or a peak into just what's in my picking basket, on the kitchen bench, or our plates.  A lighthearted and personal take on kitchen gardening....

with thanks to Leonie Marsh, Podcast Producer and Lana Kristensen, sound.