About Mickey

Images by Luisa Brimble    

I was once a city girl... but that was before Glenmore!  My professional Interior Design career began in London over 30 years ago (where I also met and married Larry), then on our return to Australia, I set up my own practice. Beach, Town, Country soon became my by-line, as I worked with clients and their homes in and around Sydney and beyond.

Tackling Glenmore was an exciting opportunity for a girl with urban roots (as well as endless hard work!). I hold a deep and abiding passion for landscape, architecture, interiors, gardens and the enduring relationship that links them together.  

To my delight, I began gardening at a much younger age than anticipated, and watched our two daughters grow along with the garden. 

My aim now is for you to experience the little oasis we've created at Glenmore...and to introduce you to the myriad experts in their field who share my various passions, as well as the beating heart of Glenmore, the Kitchen Garden. You can join my mailing list to be among the first to know about these special events that occur here on a regular basis.  You can also read the story of how we came to live here in The House and Garden at Glenmore, or listen to inThe Kitchen Garden with Mickey, the Podcast.  But even better, I very much hope I'll see you here at Glenmore one day soon!