Event name: Biodynamic Workshop with Hamish Mackay & Charlie Arnott

An Introduction to Biodynamics with Hamish Mackay and Charlie Arnott, Saturday 30 March 2019                                                                          

About Hamish Mackay

Hamish Mackay has been working with biodynamics for 46 years and presents biodynamics as a cost effective and enjoyable way to produce high quality food and fibre suitable for human health and well-being; at the same time as improving our environment.

"Biodynamics bring together the art and science of agriculture; challenging and stimulating our management with life on earth, as part of the cosmos".

"Biodynamics encompass a multitude of successful farms, vineyards, orchards, market and home gardens of all shapes and sizes on all continents.  Biodynamics are also known for enhancing food nutrition, quality and taste".

Charlie Arnott took over the reins of the family farm 'Hanaminno' in Booroowa in 1997, where by now he's been practising the philosophies and principles of Biodynamic and organic production for many years. Landscape biodiversity has been enhanced through his award winning Generative Management practises; and the principles of applied Holistic Management produce healthy plants, animals and people

Workshop description: 

Essentially, this one day workshop will introduce you to all practical aspects needed to apply biodynamics.  It will cover:

The life of the soil - creating fertility in your soil; managing your natural resources; practical use of biodynamic preparations; using the planting calendar; developing risk management plans for weeds, pests and diseases; meeting climate change challenges: drought, flood and carbon-sequestration.

9.00 am the day will begin with a welcome from the boys; an overview of Biodynamics, and presentation on Natural Soil Fertility / Soil Food Web - making humus and developing soil structure and fertility.

10.30 break for morning tea (Ovvio), coffee (and home made seasonally inspired cake of course!)

11.00 Biodynamic Preparations, their connection to the soil food web and soil fertility; and managing your natural resources - soil, humus, water, soil biodiversity.

 12.30 we will enjoy our usual long-table style lunch in the loggia (this time, drought affected stock numbers pending; our seasonal, garden inspired lunch will be joined by a little of Charlie's fine lamb).

1.30 Climate risk management: reading the rhythms and pulses of the planetary cycles; presentation of the moon cycles and their significance.

3.00pm break for afternoon tea before a big session on compost; and stirring and applying Biodynamic preparations.  With time for questions, we anticipate the day ending at 5pm.  

Cost $360.00 per person


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