Date: 15-Mar-2019
Event name: Dreamers, Drifters, Dilettantes, Writers and Muso's in the Mediterranean with Trisha Dixon
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Dreamers, Drifters, Dilettantes, Writers & Muso's in the Mediterranean with Trisha Dixon, Friday 15 March 2019.

"The brilliant light, the endless sparkling clear sea, the blue shutters, the tonk tonk of goat bells, the scent of wild thyme on the air - all such poetic images, is it any wonder that writers, musicians, artists, bohemians, dilettantes and poets have made their way to the cradle of eternal beauty to be live and love for awhile...?"

"It would have to be a very closed heart not to fall in love with this wonderful part of our world and walk in the footsteps of myth makers such as Homer, Aristotle, Sappho and Plato.  To tarry awhile with Leonard Cohen and Sidney Nolan, Charmian Clift, George Johnston, Tim Winton....or to fall under the spell of the Mani as did writer and photographer Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor".

"From the achingly beautiful ruins of Venetian architecture on Kefallonia (which is like wandering through Louis de Berniere's novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin), and nearby Ithaca (inspiration to Constantine Cavafy's famous poem), to swimming in the idyllic playground coves and beaches where the Durrell children grew up in Corfu, it's easy to be entranced. Which I was, from my first visit to the island of Hydra some years ago, with its timelessness and antiquity, its calm pace of life with no cars, motorbikes or vehicles - donkey paths that lead to remote villages and whitewashed stone houses that are amongst the most elegant in the Mediterranean.  It's hardly surprising it was playground to so many of the most extraordinary people of each generation since the 1950's".

About Trisha Dixon

Trisha has trouble convincing friends she actually 'works' when she is packing her bag with the onset of the first frosts in the high country for the sunshine of the Mediterranean....where others fly in to be taken under her wing and see the best of this stunning part of the world....where everything seems illuminated by a light that flows from within...

As a bibliophile with a passion for music, poetry and art, Trisha has read her way through much of the Mediterranean literature, danced to their music, followed in the footsteps of many writers and dreamers who had washed up on the shores well before her.  Over many years spending much time there...researching, writing and exploring, she has been able to imbue much of the magic of the Mediterranean.  It all started many years ago when asked to write a biography of an Australian property for a Greek Shipping family who had houses on Hydra and Corfu.  The book was about the property on the Monaro where our only Nobel laureate for Literature, Patrick White wrote his first novel and where Banjo Paterson wrote his last poem. Through the years, Trisha has built up an extensive network of friends and contacts who have taken her to exquisite private properties, landscapes, gardens and houses, all of which will be shared during the talk.

Trisha is presently writing a book for the National Library of Australia and will be taking three groups of Australians to the Mediterranean and Morocco this year.

Event description: 

The day will begin at 11am with a glass of elderflower cordial in the Hayshed, before settling into the Dairy for Trisha's talk. Stories of writers, artists and musicians; of life as it is lived in the Mediterranean, will be enriched by evocative images of sublime landscapes, gardens and architecture in all their transcendent beauty.  

There will be time for questions before we enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired, long table lunch in the loggia, where Trisha will be our special guest.  There will be time to linger longer in the garden and potter in the Barn, with the day ending around 3.30pm.

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