Event name: Gillian Bell Workshop

Gillian Bell Workshop, Saturday 24 November 2018

About Gillian Bell instagram: @gillianbellcake and @dispatchtoafriend

Gillian Bell is a cake-maker, private cook and podcaster.  She describes herself as 'an ordinary person doing extraordinary things'.

Gillian travels the world making wedding cakes - with her whisk, a map in her pocket and a lifetime of baking knowledge and experience.  Seeking inspiration from hedgerows to farmers' markets, she sets out on relentless quests to track down the finest seasonal and organic ingredients in order to make cakes that have a story of their very own.  Everything must be just right.  Nothing is too much effort.  Then finally, in the early hours of the wedding day, while the couple sleep, she takes the ingredients she has gathered, her trusty whisk, and with the magic only she knows, bakes their wedding cake.  When it goes into the oven, she sits and ponders, drinking tea under the stars.  When it comes out of the oven, she makes all the fillings and buttercream to the sound of the dawn chorus, then gathers the flowers to decorate the cake while the dew is still on the ground.  She calls it "a Mary Poppins life".

Gillian is based in Brisbane, and is available for wedding cake commissions and engagement as a private cook both in Australia and worldwide. 

Workshop description: 

Gillian is coming to Glenmore House to create a special spring cake inspired by the garden here.  She'll also prepare a delicious lunch with me for us all to enjoy.  She'll share her story as she bakes, and is happy to answer all your baking questions. Gillian likes to bust the myths that may undermine our confidence in the kitchen, and to help everyone build a solid baking repertoire.  It will be a day filled with laughter, friendship, hilarious tales, wise words and baking know-how; as well as garden-wandering, collecting ingredients we need along the way.

The day will begin at 10am with morning tea....Gillian's cake this time!  Inspired by the moment, the garden, the will be our delicious long table lunch.  The day will be a relaxed one, of chatter and baking, of food, of flowers....and fun! Then, when all is done and you've had your fill, there will be cake to take home, time for a little potter in the Barn and if we haven't already wandered the entire garden, you will be welcome to linger longer. We expect the day to end by 4pm.

Cost $280.00 per person. 


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