to celebrate 30 years at Glenmore House

Gate Entry $10.00 per person cash only*

(children 12 and under free)

10 am - 4.30 pm 

Street address:  130 Moores Way, Glenmore 2570

in the Hayshed:

Lunch, Martin Boetz Cooks Co-Op, to book, click here.

(If you missed out, never fear....there will be tartines...'til Marty runs out of ingredients!)

in the Fennel Paddock:

Sip Seedlip under the Peppercorn Trees, Seedlip Drinks

All things Bees with Doug Purdie, The Urban Beehive

in the Dairy:

Tea Ovvio Organic 

Cakes from The House and Garden at Glenmore, Jillie Arnott

Artist Studio and Exhibition Matilda Dumas  

Flower Stall: details coming....

Ceramics Nicola Harte Studio

*Handcrafted Ewes Milk Cheese (*Saturday only)  Pecora Dairy

on the Croquet Lawn:

Twig Furniture Joe Vinks 

Edible Flowers and Veg Boxes Piccolo Farm

Romantic Plants The Secret Garden & Nursery

Seasonal Veg & Herb Seedlings Patio Plants

Botanical Candles The Raconteur

Farmer Cookbook (*Saturday only) Farmer Cookbook

in the Kitchen Garden:

you will find Mickey at 11am both days

The Barn 

will be open...and brimming with plants from the garden and Mickey's Essential Kit

*With no internet or mobile coverage available at the entry gate,  to avoid confusion, cash will be the only means of entry. 

Your attention please: 

We are delighted to welcome visitors to our Glenmore House ("Glenmore") property. However, to ensure you fully enjoy your visit, we advise you before you proceed that, like most country properties, Glenmore is not without hazards: water (ponds, dams, creeks), uneven ground (especially paths & steps) and, from time to time, falling branches.  Wooden fences are likely to have potential splinters; "spikey" plants have vicious tips and edges - there are many throughout the garden, so please don't get too close. Please also watch out for domestic and farm animals, as well as snakes and spiders! Please do not enter closed areas (i.e. do not go through any closed gates) including the swimming pool enclosure. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and may only use the see-saw under the constant supervision of an adult.  Please do not bring pets into the garden. Please also be advised that all visitors to Glenmore do so at their own risk and that we accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage which may occur to visitors or their property while visiting Glenmore. Of course, we are truly delighted to see you here! Be sure to enjoy yourself while also being sensible. Larry & Mickey